BBM for BlackBerry 10 Update Now Available to Download!

  BBM for Android and iOS has seen plenty of update love from the BBM team, but BBM for BlackBerry 10 has been getting the cold shoulder.  Well for those of you on BBM for BlackBerry 10, you will happy to know there is a update waiting for you in BlackBerry World! BBM Version is available... Read more →

BBM Channel Spotlight: David Lindahl Photography

  We are back with another addition of the BBM Channel Spotlight! This weeks BBM Channel Spotlight is David Lindahl Photography (C00425099). David Lindahl Photography BBM Channel is filled with great photos. A lot of the photos on this channel are actually taken from BlackBerry devices!  His most... Read more →

BBM News Now Available in BBM!

  If you have been listening the past few episodes of the BerryReport Podcast or even TheNewTeamBlackBerry Podcast, you have probably heard me talk about how much I want BBM to start being a bigger social experience.  BBM is a great messaging platform, but it can be taken a little further with... Read more →

Introducing the First BBM Channel Spotlight, IT WORKS!

  We are starting a brand new weekly series here at called the BBM Channel Spotlight. We will be finding a BBM Channel to spotlight every week and bring it to you! BBM Channels is a big community with a ton of channels but it is hard to get noticed for some.  We want to help... Read more →
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