BBM Beta Update Now Available to the Public to Download!

    If you have been waiting to get your hands on the official version of the BBM update that has been floating around the BBM Beta world, well it looks like your wait is finally over! There is a new BBM update available and it has a ton of cool new features. One of the most anticipated features... Read more →

BBM for iOS Update Available to Download

  If you are an iPhone user that also uses BBM, you will want to head over to the Apple App Store and grab the latest update for BBM.  With this update, iOS users can now edit their custom pin, control data consumption for images and videos by turning auto download to Wifi only or Wifi and cellular... Read more →

BBM is Bringing Back the Original BBM Emojis!

  If you are currently on the most recent version of BBM, you probably have noticed that the BBM Emojis don’t look the same. BBM recently decided to give the BBM Emojis a more ‘updated’ look.  Unfortunately, this ‘updated’ look didn’t really sit well with many... Read more →

Poll: Do you Like the New BBM Emoji’s?

  A new BBM update is being rolled out to Android users and some changes are causing some attention.  It seems like the BBM team have decided to give the Emoji’s in BBM a slight facelift. However, this new facelift to the BBM Emoji’s hasn’t been a fan favorite to many though. ... Read more →

BBM for BlackBerry 10 Gets a Much Needed Update!

  If you are still using BlackBerry 10 and are still chatting away on BBM for BlackBerry 10, then you might want to take a minute to visit the update section in BlackBerry World!  In the update section, there should be a new version of BBM for BlackBerry 10 waiting for you, version number What... Read more →

Are you Experiencing Notification Issues on BBM for iOS?

  Are you using BBM on iOS and experiencing notification issues? Well, you aren’t alone as others have been reporting similar issues as well. It seems folks on iOS will get messages from their BBM contacts but not get any type of notification about receiving the message.  The issue doesn’t... Read more →

BBM Custom PINS are Now Free!

About a month ago, we found out that BBM was getting to make custom PIN’s a free service.  Ever since Custom PIN’s were announced for BBM, the cost to have a custom PIN was $0.99. While some didn’t mind the cost others didn’t see it be worth the cost. Well, now the cost should... Read more →
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