WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 Updated to Fix Issues

  If you are using WhatsApp on your BlackBerry 10 device, you’ll want to make sure you grab the latest update that hit today! WhatsApp has been updated to v2.12.340.2 and includes fixes for issues connecting via a proxy server.  It also includes improvements to the WhatsApp web client features,... Read more →

ToySoft Brings Power Tools to the BlackBerry Priv

  If you were a power user on BlackBerry 10, then one of the best apps to have was Power Tools.  Coming from BlackBerry 10 to the BlackBerry Priv many were worried that they wouldn’t be seeing the app on the Priv.  ToySoft, the company who develops Power Tools, has been slowly releasing... Read more →

BlackBerry Officially Releases OS

  If you’re rocking a BlackBerry 10 device, you’ll want to check your software update.  Late yesterday BlackBerry officially released OS to BlackBerry 10 devices globally.  BlackBerry made the announcement on their Blog.   A BlackBerry 10.3.2 Hot Fix Update has started... Read more →

Tundra Core Studios Launches Dossier for BlackBerry 10

  Keeping your contacts and client data organized is a pain. Another pain is trying to share contact information when you’re in a hurry! Well the folks over at Tundra Core Studios have come up with a great solution to both of these problems with their app Dossier!  Dossier, which is the... Read more →

Check out the Full John Chen Interview from Code/Mobile

  If you missed BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s interview and Code/Mobile, you’re now able to watch the full interview when ever you like. Chen didn’t say anything too ground breaking at the event. He did show of the BlackBerry Priv and talked about the future of BlackBerry 10, stating... Read more →

BlackBerry Venice Slider Demo Video Leaked!

    Today is a big news day for the BlackBerry Venice! @Evleaks has gotten his hands on a leaked Demo video of the BlackBerry Venice Slider device.  Now the video is very brief and doesn’t show off too much, but it does quickly give a you glimpse at the keyboard, the 18 MP camera, and... Read more →
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