First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone Leaked!

You might remember a few months ago we leaked some of the early photos of the BlackBerry London. Well today CrackBerry has gotten their hands on the first image of a true BlackBerry 10 Superphone! It looks like RIM has ditched the sliver housing and is making the BlackBerry 10 phone look like a sized... Read more →

BlackBerry 10 to be shown of at Mobile World Congress in Feburary

Well we are in the year 2012, which for BlackBerry fans means the birth of BlackBerry 10! We have heard of rumors of devices but not much of actual images of them or the software.  At Mobile World Congress that should all be changed.  RIM will be reportedly showing of the new version of the BlackBerry... Read more →

First BlackBerry Milan Next Generation BlackBerry 10 Slider Device

The other day we told you all about the 2012 BlackBerry 10 Roadmap. CrackBerry Kevin over at CB got his hands on the first image of the BlackBerry Milan. This looks to be the next generation Slider device that will be supporting BlackBerry 10. The look of the device looks a little bit like the BlackBerry... Read more →
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