T-Mobile BlackBerry Classic Price Reduced to $369.99!

  If you’re a T-Mobile customer and have been waiting for the BlackBerry Classic to reduce in price, you’re in luck! T-Mobile did have the BlackBerry Classic priced at $439.92.  If you are comparing prices, shop.blackberry.com has the BlackBerry Classic going for $379. With T-Mobile... Read more →

Make sure you Check out the Berry Report Podcast!

  Last night marked the return of the Berry Report Podcast! As always I was joined by Art from NerdBerry.net! We had a great show full of great topics like, BlackBerry Dallas, the BlackBerry Slider device and much more. We also announced this weeks contest towards the end of the show, and let’s... Read more →

BlackBerry Dallas Shows up at the FCC

  Looks like the BlackBerry ‘Dallas’ has made it’s way over to the FCC , appearing under the model number L6ARHR190LW / SQW100-4. Now when a device shows up at the FCC we don’t get a lot of information that we don’t already have, but it does mean it is getting closer... Read more →

Why I love and Use BlackBerry Blend

  I spend a lot of time behind my computer or BerryReporter and WildwoodNJFans.com, so when I get a message on my phone or an email, it can get kind of annoying, and a productivity killer! Just think about it, you’re sitting there working on a work assignment, typing away, ideas are flowing... Read more →

BlackBerry Leap Now Available in Nigeria

  BlackBerry fans looking for a new device in Nigeria can now get their hands on the BlackBerry Leap! The BlackBerry Leap is a great BlackBerry device with an amazing 5″ HD Display, an 8MP camera, and a 25 hour battery life that will help get you through the day! This great device also has... Read more →
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