The BlackBerry Priv Now Available to Purchase from T-Mobile!

  The time is finally here for T-Mobile customers to get their hands on the BlackBerry Priv! That’s right, the BlackBerry Priv is now officially available on T-Mobile and you can pick it up via or in a T-Mobile store! T-Mobile customers can get the device for $0 upfront cost... Read more →

T-Mobile Reveals it’s Pricing for the BlackBerry Priv

  We’ve known for some time now that the BlackBerry Priv would be coming to T-Mobile starting January 26th.  Now we know how much the device will cost as T-Mobile has revealed its pricing for both upfront cost and its two leasing programs. T-Mobile customers can get the device for $0 upfront... Read more →

T-Mobile CEO John Legere says BlackBerry is on a ‘Comeback’

  During a recent interview with CNET, the very outspoken CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere stated that BlackBerry is making a comeback.  He didn’t really go into details on to why he thinks BlackBerry is on a comeback, many might believe its because of the BlackBerry Priv.  Now if you remember... Read more →

T-Mobile BlackBerry Classic Price Reduced to $369.99!

  If you’re a T-Mobile customer and have been waiting for the BlackBerry Classic to reduce in price, you’re in luck! T-Mobile did have the BlackBerry Classic priced at $439.92.  If you are comparing prices, has the BlackBerry Classic going for $379. With T-Mobile... Read more →
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