Video footage from the KEY2 London launch event

Check out the footage from BlackBerry Mobile exclusive recent launch event for KEY2 in London. BerryReporter was in the house and if you blink you can even catch a split second of us in this amazing promo video that showcases the whole event! It’s nice to see celebrities continuing to support... Read more →

The BlackBerry KEYone Now Available from Vodafone UK

  If you are in the UK and have been dying to get your hands on a BlackBerry KEYone, but haven’t had any chance to pick one up via Selfridges, well you now have another option.  Vodafone UK is now offering the BlackBerry KEYone! You can pick up the BlackBerry KEYone for £10 down and £52... Read more →

BlackBerry 9720 Selling Very Well in South Africa

When BlackBerry announced that they would be releasing the BlackBerry 9720, a BlackBerry device running OS 7, a lot of us were scratching our heads wondering why? Well looks like in some areas the BlackBerry 9720 is off to a very good start. In South Africa, Vodafone is sold out of the White 9720 and... Read more →

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Showing up in Vodafone’s Sales System?

Wow seems like we are hearing a lot about the rumored BlackBerry Bold 9900 this week! We just learned that it might have a new codename, Montana, and now it seems like it has shown up in Vodafone German’s sales system.  This is a rumor and might just be a typo in their system, but I don’t... Read more →

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Found on Vodafone NL Website

Seems like we are getting closer and closer to seeing the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on the market.  Earlier we got word that Bell Mobility will be offering the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on November 2nd. Now we have the BlackBerry Bold 9780 appearing on Vodafone’s NL website.  The website shows the 9780... Read more →

The Berry Report Episode 34

The NerdBerry team and I are back with another exciting episode of the Berry Report Podcast. As always you can always join us every Tuesday Night at 9PM EST in the Ustream chatroom. Thank you to all of the 400 listeners last week lets keep spreading the word. On this week’s episode we discuss more... Read more →
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