Refurbished BlackBerry Devices gone Bad

So recently, I have been having a lot of issues with my BlackBerry Bold 9930. I went into one of my nearest Sprint stores to get them to get me a replacement device, which I have never had any issues with. However the replacement that they ordered me did not work well at all. The device was slow and... Read more →

More Options in Color From RIM!

  I love my BlackBerry Bold 9930 to death. It is one of the greatest BlackBerry devices I have ever used. However there is one thing that I wish it did have.  I wish my BlackBerry Bold 9900 came in white!  For some reason I love white on a phone, especially the BlackBerry Bold 9900/30.   To... Read more →

OS 7.1 for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 Now available from Sprint

  If you’re a BlackBerry Bold 9930 user on Sprint, you will want to make sure you go and update your BlackBerry device! That’s right OS 7.1 is now available to download from Sprint! No word on what has changed but there should be Mobile Hotspot! It might not be available for your device... Read more →
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