BLACKBERRY KEY2 vs KEYone & PRIV Comparison

Rather than a traditional review of the KEY2 (which is coming later from BlackBerryBrad) we have spent a month with the new BlackBerry Mobile flagship device, road testing the phone in many settings. As many of our readers who love their keyboard devices are upgrading from another BlackBerry Android... Read more →

BlackBerry PRIV Update Build AAW068 Rolling Out to User

  If you are a BlackBerry PRIV owner, you might have something interesting waiting for you in the Updates Settings.  There should be a new Software update waiting to be installed on your device.  This is pretty odd considering BlackBerry announced that there would be no more updates being pushed... Read more →

Only 15% of All Android Phones are running Android Nougat

  Last Friday,  Senior Vice-President and General Manager of the Mobility Solutions Division Alex Thurber confirmed on the UTB Blog Cast that the BlackBerry PRIV would not be making the jump up to Android Nougat.  To a lot of people this was very sad news as many BlackBerry PRIV owners were hoping... Read more →

August Security Update Rolling Out to BlackBerry PRIV Users

  **Update** It seems folks with BlackBerry KEYone’s are getting the August Security Update as well!  Also the update seems to bring new BlackBerry 10 and BBOS7 Icon Packs via the BlackBerry Launcher update!   If you are using a BlackBerry PRIV you might want to check the updates section... Read more →

The BlackBerry Priv No longer Being Sold on ShopBlackBerry?

The BlackBerry Priv launched back on November 6th 2015. The first ever BlackBerry device running the Android operating system. It was also the last device that was built and designed by BlackBerry. Well if you have visited ShopBlackBerry recently, you will notice that it is no longer there. ShopBlackBerry... Read more →

How to Fix the AT&T BlackBerry Priv ‘No Service’

    If you have been plagued with the AT&T ‘No Service’ issue on the BlackBerry Priv, you’ll be happy to know that BlackBerry has come up with a fix for it as we announced the other day.  If you are not aware of the issue, the BlackBerry Priv will randomly show no service... Read more →
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