TELE2TANGO launches Bold in Luxembourg

Today RIM and TELE2TANGO launched the Blackberry Bold in Luxembourg.  The Bold won’t be available for all TELE2TANGO customers until September 9th.  The Bold will be available for 390€ without subscription and from 109€ with data plan subscription.  The basic data plan, which includes 6MB... Read more →

Bold News: Pre-Release for the Bold!!!

More news for America about our AT&T(correction by BGR) Bold release.  Today BBcool came out with a report that New York Blackberry Center is pre-releasing AT&T Blackberry Bolds in limited quantities.  You can also visit their website to order one also in limited... Read more →

Blackberry Curve 8320 will be released at AT&T

According to BGR who go their hands on a nifty AT&T ad, they will be launching the Curve 8320 at the end of the month.  It’s not the Bold and everyone is still waiting to see which launch date for that will come through, but for now you AT&T customers will be able to have a WiFi Curve... Read more →

Blackberry Bold release date?

I’m sure most people have heard that Gizmodo posted that they received the date  of September 12th for the release of the Bold.  However, Boy Genius says otherwise, October 2nd.  Which is the real date? Only time will tell, most are betting on October but hoping for September.  Hopefully all... Read more →
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