Mobile RSS Users, Add our RSS feed!!

Anyone who uses mobile RSS readers, add our feed to your list.  We know it’s not the best right now, but it is getting better everyday and I’m sure you’ll like our reports.  Just give it a shot why don’t you already.  The recommended RSS reader is Viigo hands down.  Viigo... Read more →

NBC News report on Kids and Cell phones

So I happened to flip on the NBC news just a bit ago and there was a report on children and cell phones.  According to the report; the Center on Media and Child Health said that within the next 3 years, 54% of 8-12 year olds will have cell phones.  This isn’t all that surprising to me because... Read more →

Win a 2009 Lincoln MKS at!!!

A great find by BBcool on an early morning goodies find came across a new contest being held by RIM partnered with Ford.  They are offering up the new Lincold MKS which is Blackberry friendly with Bluetooth ect. not to mention other prizes in the tune of 10 Blackberrys(hopefully Bolds!  So if you... Read more →

Tom Cruise on the set of Tropic Thunder w/ an 8800!

Even the stars can’t go anywhere without them.  Tom Cruise was spotted on the set of this summer’s comedy blockbuster Tropic Thunder carrying a Blackberry 8800 series.  Tom is smart.  Be like Tom.  Buy a Blackberry. The Blackberry Curve is also featured in the movie by Matthew McConaughey’s... Read more →

Blackberry Media Sync review

The recent release of Blackberry Media Sync hasn’t been long awaited, however has made Blackberry music users lives a little more convenient.  Up until now, getting music on to your Blackberry has consisted of dragging music to your memory card or your phone memory.  Furthermore listening to music... Read more →

Official Blackberry OS 4.6 List of Features and Updates

So the Blackberry Bold has been officially released for a few weeks now and it’s running that new OS 4.6.  Every Blackberry blog has some sort of list of its features and fun stuff.  Here is ours.  We have yet to get the opportunity to review the Bold however that will come soon.  Until it... Read more →

Blackberry OS 4.5 Review

The official U.S. release of OS 4.5 will not be until September, we decided that we couldn’t wait.  So we did some Google searching and got our own to test out.  Even though OS 4.6 isn’t too far away I have to say that we love OS 4.5.  The biggest difference that we at Berry Reporter have noticed... Read more →
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