BlackBerry is Making a Comeback and People Are Noticing!

  We all know that BlackBerry has had some rough times over the past few years.  BlackBerry’s stock had taken a huge plunge, and it’s smartphone market shares dwindled lower and lower.  The once smartphone king, had been dethroned by the likes of Apple and Android.  For years many... Read more →

Happy Mother’s Day from

  It’s a special day for all the Mothers out there! Today is Mother’s Day here in the US, a day where we all take the time to show that special women in our lives feel special.  Take the time today to put your BlackBerry device down and spend some quality time with your Mother. Also... Read more →

The Berry Report Podcast Episode 57 Now Available to Download

  We are back with another episode of the Berry Report Podcast! This week we discuss Prem Watsa’s faith in BlackBerry CEO John Chen, Toysoft giving away free BlackBerry 10 apps, BlackBerry 10.3 issues, the BlackBerry KEYone passing through the FCC, and we even touch on the Samsung Galaxy... Read more →

Come Join the BBM Fan Group is proud to introduce the new BerryReporter BBM Fan Group. We started this many years ago, but through many device changes, the group was lost.  We are proud to announce it is back. To join the group, just scan the barcode above with BBM and you will be added to the group. Come chat... Read more →

The Berry Report Podcast Live Tomorrow Night at 9:30 EST

  We are back for another episode of the Berry Report Podcast. As always we will be live on Youtube for your viewing pleasure! We are sure to have an exciting show this week with a lot of news and discussions! Make sure you come join us live and ask your BlackBerry questions! We will be kicking... Read more →

BlackBerry Mercury to be Called BlackBerry KeyOne

  We have been waiting to find out what the BlackBerry Mercury is actually going to be called. Being about 30 minutes before the launch event, it looks like BlackBerry Mobile push the live button on the landing page for the BlackBerry Mercury.  The BlackBerry Mercury will be called the BlackBerry... Read more →
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