The Berry Report Podcast Episode 48 Featuring the NerdBerry Team!

The NerdBerry team and I are back with another exciting episode of the Berry Report Podcast. ┬áThis is a very exciting episode because today is the day the BlackBerry PlayBook was launched! Join us as we discuss our thoughts of the BlackBerry PlayBook and I discuss some of my favorite features on the... Read more →

Review: Flixter for BlackBerry

Possibly one of the most popular apps for movie-lovers, Flixter is a must-have for anybody who enjoys films. With multiple browsing categories and detailed descriptions, this app serves its purpose and does it well. Browse by box office let’s users search through box office listings by new movies... Read more →

Round-Up: This Week on BerryReporter

We know you lead a busy life, and might not have time to check up on the latest BlackBerry happenings each and every day, so we’re going to begin a weekly round-up post. Each Sunday, we’ll round up all the news, videos, tips, and more from the last 7 days to make it easy for you stay in the... Read more →

Dropbox for BlackBerry Now Available for Download by Public

Dropbox for BlackBerry has been in beta for a considerable amount of time now, with limited invites unfortunately. Well, finally it has been released for the public to download! In this version, it looks like users will be able to upload photos, and download videos, zip files, and more from their Dropbox... Read more →