BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Demonstrated on Video, Several Times

The BlackBerry PlayBook is creating a huge buzz in the mobile world, and with the power-house specifications and sleek design, it’s no wonder why. With CES 2011 happening right now, we get a slew of new demonstration videos, showing off everything from the browser running media, games, and social... Read more →

FireFox Home Coming to BlackBerry

Currently only available on the iPhone, FireFox Home is an application geared towards those who use FireFox as their desktop browser. The app gives users access to their FireFox desktop history, bookmarks, and tabs directly on their device. According to the official Mozilla Mobile Blog, a BlackBerry... Read more →

Another Browser Comparison: Bold 9700 vs. Torch 9800

We’ve seen a ton of comparison videos showing off the new WebKit browser compared to pretty well every other major platform out there. This time around, the folks over at have decided to give us a pretty comprehensive comparison video of the old browser from the Bold 9700 and Torch... Read more →

Bold 9780 Running BlackBerry 6 Caught On Video

Many of us have been waiting for more information regarding BlackBerry 6 on non-touch devices, and thanks to Driphter, there’s a hands-on video demonstrating the upcoming OS running on a 9780. Navigation through the new UI seems smooth and simple despite the lack of a touch screen, easing the concerns... Read more →

The Berry Report Episode 32

The NerdBerry team and I are back with another exciting episode of the Berry Report Podcast. As always you can always join us every Tuesday Night at 9PM EST in the Ustream chatroom. On this weeks episode we discuss OS 6 Webkit Browser, MobiHand, The BlackBerry Protect, The leaked T-Mobile Road Map,... Read more →

RIM Releases Another BlackBerry 6 Preview Video

Research In Motion has decided to tease us with another preview video for BlackBerry 6, the upcoming operating system intended to bring fairly significant changes to the platform. Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management, expressed his excitement for BlackBerry 6 and thinks the changes... Read more →

Video Surfaces of BlackBerry WebKit Browser Running on 9800

We’ve seen plenty of videos lately covering new handsets and even a few showing off some of the new OS 6 features, though we have yet to see a whole lot of the upcoming WebKit browser. Thanks to, we now know what to expect, with features like tabbed browsing, fast loading speeds, and... Read more →
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