BlackBerry! Please Bring Sound Profiles to BlackBerry Android

  As most of you know, I have been using BlackBerry devices for very long time.I have gone through many software changes and different models of devices. Each new version of the BlackBerry OS software got better and better (for the most part) with each new version of the OS. Each new device got... Read more →

Kim Kardashian is Running Out of BlackBerry Bold 9900 to Buy

  It’s no surprise that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is still a very popluar BlackBerry device. In fact Kim Kardashian has been a big BlackBerry Bold 9900 user. She has actually admitted to buy multiple Blackberry Bold 9900’s off of eBay in case one of hers goes bad at ReCode 2014.  Well... Read more →

BBM Protected Caught on Video

  Back in Febuary, BlackBerry announced BBM Protected. BBM Protected is pretty much BlackBerry Messenger for enterprise customers.  Ever since then, we have all been waiting to hear more about BBM Protected.  Today the folks over at CrackBerry, have gotten their hands on two videos that demonstrate... Read more →

BlackBerry Legacy Icons Appear in Grand Theft Auto V

    If you’re a video game fan, then by now I am sure you have picked up Grand Theft Auto V.  I have been playing it and the game is amazing. One thing that myself and others have noticed is the heavy use of different smartphones that the characters use in the game. One big surprise... Read more →

BlackBerry 9720 Press Pictures Emerge

    With all of the leaked images of the BlackBerry A10 that are being leaked out this week, the BlackBerry 9720 wanted some love. Press images, that usually get sent to site like to use in review posts have appeared online. These images give us a very clear look at the device.... Read more →

LinkedIn for BlackBerry Legacy Devices Updated

If you’re still rocking a BlackBerry Legacy device and use LinkedIn then you will want to make sure you go into BlackBerry World and grab the latest update.  This update is long overdue especially since BlackBerry 10 owners just got one awhile back. Some of the new features in this update are: More... Read more →
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