WhatsApp Beta Update brings Fix For Laggy Chat Searches

  If you are a WhatsApp user and have been experiencing lag when you try to use the Chat Search feature, then you’ll love this! There is a new Beta update for WhatsApp that is suppose to be bringing a fix for the laggy chat search. The new update is available in BlackBerry Beta Zone! If you... Read more →

New Version of BBM Pops Up in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry today has released an updated version of BlackBerry Messenger today in Blackberry Beta Zone. So if you’re a BlackBerry Beta Zone. Now we are thinking that this update will not be available for all BlackBerry Beta Zone users, I have yet to see it appear it on my account. However those... Read more →

Facebook Update for BlackBerry OS hit BlackBerry Beta Zone

If you’re using a BlackBerry Legacy device and are a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone, then you will want to make sure you grab the latest FaceBook for BlackBerry Beta update. The app has been updated to version and brings some nice new features along with it.   Improvements/Updates... Read more →

BlackBerry Beta Zone Beings New Program for BlackBerry 10 Users

If you’re a BlackBerry Beta Zone user who happens to have a BlackBerry 10 device, well you might start getting an invite to the new Beta Zone program.  The cool thing about this new program is that they now have an official app for Beta Zone you can download right to your device! This is something... Read more →

BlackBerry Link 1.1 Beta Zone Program Now Available

  BlackBerry is a company that loves feedback about their products. When BlackBerry Link launched earlier this year for BlackBerry 10 devices, a lot of people, including myself had issues with the new BlackBerry transfer software. BlackBerry heard about all of these issues and complaints, and decided... Read more →
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