BlackBerry Bridge Updated to Version

  If you are still using a BlackBerry Playbook, there is a good change you are still using the BlackBerry Bridge app. If you don’t know what BlackBerry Bridge is, it is an app that allows you to use your BlackBerry smartphone as a remote control for your BlackBerry Playbook and take full... Read more →

BlackBerry Bridge Updated to v

Fire up BlackBerry App World and make sure you get the latest update to BlackBerry Bridge! BlackBerry Bridge is now available to download. This probably isn’t a sign of a OS update to the PlayBook but it’s nice to see an update! You should get a notification to update BlackBerry... Read more →

Video- BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Remote Control Video Walk Through

So earlier today,  BlackBerry Bridge was update to BlackBerry Bridge 2.0! With this update we know that RIM is getting ready to release the OS 2.0 update for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now one of the features that is coming with OS 2.0 is actually already available thanks to the new Bridge 2.0 update.... Read more →

BlackBerry Bridge Updated to Version

We have been getting a lot of emails in about folks receiving updates for BlackBerry Bridge. BlackBerry Bridge has been updated to version! We don’t know if there has been any changes but we have a good feeling that we might be seeing a BlackBerry PlayBook update! Check BlackBerry App... Read more →

BlackBerry Bridge Updated to Version

While waiting for a BlackBerry PlayBook yesterday, we found out that BlackBerry Bridge has been updated. BlackBerry Bridge version is now available for download in BlackBerry App World. Now big updates here just some fixes to the speed of the connection for Bridge.  If you can’t find... Read more →

The Berry Report Podcast Episode 48 Featuring the NerdBerry Team!

The NerdBerry team and I are back with another exciting episode of the Berry Report Podcast.  This is a very exciting episode because today is the day the BlackBerry PlayBook was launched! Join us as we discuss our thoughts of the BlackBerry PlayBook and I discuss some of my favorite features on the... Read more →

AT&T BlackBerry Bridge Download

Even though BlackBerry Bridge is not officially available for AT&T BlackBerry users via BlackBerry App World, we have found a fix thanks for our friends over at CrackBerry. Check out the links below to download BlackBerry Bridge for your BlackBerry Smartphone! Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA to your... Read more →