Mastercard Releases NFC SDK includes BlackBerry 7 Support

  NFC is still a growing concept and today Mastercard is helping it grow even more! Mastercard has released NFC SDK’s for their Mobile Paypass to all developers, including BlackBerry 7 support.  With this SDK developers get: API Code Libraries API Specification Documentation Developer Guide Sample... Read more →

Video: A Day with BlackBerry Using NFC

  If you have listened to last week’s edition of the Berry Report Podcast, then you heard our dicussion about NFC on BlackBerry device. To me NFC is something that can be really big if RIM shows off how to use it for everyday life.  BlackBerry has done a video showing off how you can use... Read more →

NFC Video Demo on BlackBerry Bold 9930

  So one of the new features to BlackBerry 7 is going to be the addition to NFC- Near Field Communications. NFC is a short range(4cm or less) wireless communication which allows two devices to communicate. So can do things like launch a website from a flyer or make a payment. This is something... Read more →