The Berry Report Podcast Returns This Thursday at 9:30 PM EST!

  The Berry Report Podcast will be returning this Thursday! After a few weeks off due to scheduling conflicts we will be recording a new episode live start at 9:30 PM EST Live on youtube. Check out the Youtube channel join the live video and the shows chat! Subscribe to the youtube... Read more →

The Berry Report Podcast Episode 58

  We are back with another exciting episode of the Berry Report Podcast. After two weeks of being away we get right back into the swing of things. This week we disucss the BlackBerry KEYone release dates and the unboxing videos from other sites. We also discuss the BlackBerry WorkSpace Webinar... Read more →

How to use the Productivity Tab on the BlackBerry Priv

  One of my favorite features on the BlackBerry Priv, is the Productivity Tab.  The Productivity Tab makes checking important things like calendar appointments and emails easy to access with the swipe of your finger.  The Productivity Tab is a floating widget pretty much that allows you to check... Read more →

How to use the Content Transfer app on the BlackBerry Priv

  If you’re picking up or have already picked up your shiny new BlackBerry Priv, you might be wondering how am I going to get my information from my old device to the BlackBerry Priv? Well as we mentioned last week, BlackBerry has developed an app call the BlackBerry Content Transfer app.... Read more →

BlackBerry Hub Overview on the BlackBerry Priv

      If you’re picking up the new BlackBerry Priv and are coming straight from a BlackBerry 10 device, you’re probably wondering how the BlackBerry Hub works on the Priv.  The BlackBerry Hub is great for keeping all your communications right in one spot, instead of having... Read more →

BlackBerry Priv Physical Keyboard Overview

  The BlackBerry Priv is the first BlackBerry device to have Android running on it. It is also the first device since the BlackBerry Torch to have a full slide out physical keyboard on it.  The keyboard is a very good keyboard and has some cool little tricks to it.  We figured we would put together... Read more →

BlackBerry Priv Setup Walk Through

  If you’re a long time BlackBerry user picking up the new BlackBerry Priv, you might be wondering how am I going to set this thing up? Well,  we did a quick BlackBerry Priv setup walkthrough just for you. I take you through setting up your device right out of the box. If you have never... Read more →

BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing Video

Here it is folks!  My official unboxing of my BlackBerry Z10 that I recieved this week at the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event in New York City. Now just a little warning on the video, it is a very quick video that I did while I was visiting my girlfriend at school, in her dorm room. Lighting should be good,... Read more →

BlackBerry P’9981Spotted in Britain’s got Talent Promo

  The Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 has not gotten to much publicity as of late.  However, the lastest promo for Britain’s got Talent, the BlackBerry P’9981 has a quick few seconds of fame!  Check out the video below, it is at the 0:25 mark of the video!           youtube... Read more →

Custom Built Robot Controlled with the BlackBerry PlayBook

  Lately we have been seeing the BlackBerry PlayBook be use for some very interesting things.  We just came across a video of another one of those interesting uses.  This seems to be an entrant into the Robot Challenge. The robot is actually controlled by a BlackBerry PlayBook. The PlayBook... Read more →
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