The Berry Report Podcast Returns This Thursday at 9:30 PM EST!

  The Berry Report Podcast will be returning this Thursday! After a few weeks off due to scheduling conflicts we will be recording a new episode live start at 9:30 PM EST Live on youtube. Check out the Youtube channel join the live video and the shows chat! Subscribe to the youtube... Read more →

Video: Powerbag Video Review

  A few weeks bag I told you all about the Powerbag, from the folks at Powerbag!  Ever since I got my hands on a review unit, I have loved it. The idea of always having a charger with you is a great concept. I hate when I travel and my battery on my device is drained down to the very last cell.... Read more →

Video: A Day with BlackBerry Using NFC

  If you have listened to last week’s edition of the Berry Report Podcast, then you heard our dicussion about NFC on BlackBerry device. To me NFC is something that can be really big if RIM shows off how to use it for everyday life.  BlackBerry has done a video showing off how you can use... Read more →

New BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Promo Shows off New Features

    RIM is starting to promote the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update with a lot of commercials. This new commercial is, the best one to date. In this commercial we follow a young lady through out her normal day activities.  We see her at home with her kids, at a meeting for work, meeting... Read more →

Video:How BlackBerry Smartphones are Tested for Durability

BlackBerry devices are know for their durability, but have you ever wondered what kind of test the devices go through before they go into your hands? Well the folks over at Inside BlackBerry have given us an inside look at the test that BlackBerry’s are put through. Watch and see as different... Read more →

RIM Demonstrates BlackBerry Balance!

At BlackBerry World 2011 Research in Motion announced BlackBerry Balance. BlackBerry Balance is a way for a companies IT department to make sure their employees can use their BlackBerry devices without having to worry about any important information getting into the wrong hands.  Check out the video... Read more →
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