Facebook for BlackBerry v4.0.0.13 Now Available to Download in BlackBerry World

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For those of you still rocking BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS 5.0 to 7.1 make sure you get the latest verison of Facebook downloaded from BlackBerry World! Facebook v4.0.0.13 has been sitting in Beta for a while now, but is now available for all to grab! Here is what is new in Facebook v!

  • Better navigation – Facebook 4.0 provides a new navigation list that allows you to quickly access messages, chat, friend requests and notifications.
  • Enhanced photo experience – You now have more options with the Facebook 4.0 update giving you a richer photo experience. Enjoy full screen photo browsing, add or view tags, and instantly Comment and Like.
  • Quicker access to updates – Facebook 4.0 gives you faster content updates with a “pull down to refresh” option so you can check for the latest “News Feed” posts, “Wall” posts, “Messages”, “Events” and “Nearby” pages.

As we said before this update is available for only devices running Blackberry OS 5.0 to 7.1. BlackBerry 10 users there is an update coming for you sometime soon!

Download Facebook for BlackBerry


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  1. rossley says:

    Plss fix your website then fix your facebook…sharing .directed other to Download .. And what ever … Plss make sure that your app is good . Than the latest version & plss make it faster
    Were bored on this site finding a favorite app . to download 🙂 🙂

  2. emmanuel says:

    Please I need help I can’t able to download facebook on my blackberry9800 the on I manage download if I click it is taking me to browsing I don’t like that I want to login with my account

  3. Casavine says:

    Need the older version of facebook please help

  4. melissa says:

    Hi please send me the link to download the previous facebook as the latest one is terrible

  5. Junior says:

    I hate da latest fb version some with the person who created it nxa

  6. thabang says:

    I want my previous facebook please this one is not good because it refer me to the internet explore please do fast……my email is seakgwa.freddy@yahoo.com

  7. Thato says:

    Plz bring back the Version plz of facebook plz because this one sucks big time

  8. Keke says:

    Can I have the old version please?I hate this one I couldn’t using mobile site now this!I can’t upload pics whenever I want or check latest feed backs 🙁

  9. Novy says:

    want to downgrade to FB version
    take it this link :


    But must install via PC/notebook

  10. Pauledrick says:

    I need my older version of Facebook. This new one sucks bigtime

  11. complainer says:

    Mxm! This thing is onlt 7kb, a short card. Please someone help me to get the older version. This thing is very boring or let’s touch them where it hurts the mos by upgrading from BlackBerry to Samsung perhaps they’ll take their customers seriously.

  12. nathaniel says:

    These is crap nd too slow

  13. fortune says:

    I hate this latest version

  14. aubrey says:

    This is worst version and you seems to forget that we are using our data for this grap

  15. claudette says:

    I have noticed that the previous version of facebook was +-6MB. The new/latest version is only 7kb. What on earth is going on?

  16. johnson says:

    Mxm mxm mxm you better fix this boring new vission of facebook I wander wht did u think

  17. Mthokozisi says:

    Please help us downgrade to the previous version before ,the latest version is booooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg !!!!

  18. Dalena says:

    This is the worst upgrade of fb ever!!!! We all hate this permanent “Mobile site” and now me and my husband do not use it anymore. I am going to upgrade my phone to a samsung and I can not wait to do that.

  19. Esmeralda Braaf Arendse says:

    I am going to deactivate my facebook account completely!

  20. Marquerite says:

    Need the previous version of facebook back the new one is very bad…..don’t want the latest version

  21. semy says:

    I can’t download a new version of fb please help us

  22. semy says:

    Please I need that old version of fb back

  23. Tanya says:

    Please give us a way to load the previous version because fb is no longer an app and is now operated through browser. Calender is no longer integrated etc etc etc….. I have lost a LOT. 2016 is just “mobile site” gone permanent. Please help.

  24. aneene says:

    The new facebook of 2016 is terrible realy the worst one ever I need my old one back how do I do it.

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