Google Duplex Now Available on BlackBerry Android Devices


One of the most impressive announcements from last years Google I/O was the announcement of Google Duplex.

Google Duplex allows Google Assistant to make appointments and reservations on your behalf. Just ask Google something like “Hey Google, make me a reservation for two at Olive Garden for tonight” and Google will confirm the time you want to make the reservation for and for another time, in case your first choice is not available. Once Google confirms the correct information, Google will then call that location and make the reservation for you.


This is a great feature and really impressive for Google Assistant. For awhile, if you wanted to use this feature you had to be using a Google Pixel device, but now any Android device can use it. Google Duplex is being rolled out for Non Pixel Android devices and iOS users. This means that if you have any current BlackBerry Android device, BlackBerry KEYone, KEY2, KEY2 LE, or BlackBerry Motion, you should now have this feature. I just tested it on my BlackBerry KEY2 and it worked great! Now it looks like Duplex can still only make reservations in the US, but I am sure Google will quickly roll this out internationally.


If you are a BlackBerry Android user, this is a great feature for a device that is centered around productivity. Google Duplex allows you to make reservations or appointments for things without you having to stop what you are currently doing or working on.

Let us know below if you use Google Duplex and how your experience is going!

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