Hedone Designs Underwater Theme Review

: Underwater
Designer: Hedone Design
Customizable: Yes
Overall Rating: 9/10
Functioning Speed: Normal
Price: $7

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Initial look:
Okay, I must say this is my first theme review and first theme.  I never really took interest in themes until recently.  I figured hey, I can always delete them if I don’t like them.  So, Underwater was my first premium theme and not really caring much about themes I was stunned!  The home screen is a digital fish tank!  The back drop is the bottom of some sea floor where fish just keep swimming by, it is terrific.  There’s my review, I’m done.  Just Kidding.  This theme is great.  It is an OS 4.6 look with all the icons set in transparent boxes.  There are 6 home screen icons that are arranged horizontally at the top of the screen under the time and all that business.  This allows for a cleaner experience with the fish tank.  Being an OS 4.6 style theme, all the menus are black just like 4.6 and all the icons are 4.6 styled icons as well.  The application menu is simple keeping the sea floor image in the background but you lose the coral and fish.  The calling screens are standard keeping the background watery as well, but nothing else special beyond that.

Now for the high points.  It should be fairly obvious that I really enjoy this theme.  Hedone Design did a great job at creating an entertaining theme while keeping it fast and simple.  The OS 4.6 look is very good and emulates 4.6 very well.  One thing that I really like is how the icons on the home screen are at the top instead of the bottom.  This is just enough to shake it up for me and give me a totally different experience (it also allows me to sit and watch my fish).  Oh yes, another very important feature that is a must have for me is access to profiles on the home screen, and this has it.  I also like how it is just a simple theme and keeps everything OEM except for the things that don’t slow operating time down.

So, the downsides to this theme.  Well there aren’t too many things that I dislike about this theme.  I guess one thing that could be different is, the fish tails could move (don’t worry Hedone I know that would be a lot of unnecessary work).  That is about it!

Overall, this theme is terrific. I gave it a high rating because it is aesthetically pleasing, it has a moving background and it is fast.  There are themes that are very feature rich and very unique, more so than this, but this theme gives the impression that it is more complex than it actually is (and complex in a good way).  The OS 4.6 style keeps it easy to navigate through and gives us OS 4.5 users the modern BlackBerry feel.  Great job Hedone Design!  I look forward to coming themes.

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