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HipVoice_500x500My app of the week for this week is Hip Voice.  Hip voice is a program that lets you talk to anyone with the push of a button.  Now Sprint has a feature like this with their push to talk service, but the only downside is that you can only push to talk with people on Sprint’s network.

With Hip Voice you can talk to anyone with the push of a button, no matter what network they are on.  You can even talk to someone on a network in another country.  Hip Voice is great for your business because it lets you keep track of every message you send to someone and you can even tell when that person gets your message.  So you will no longer hear “Boss I didn’t get your message about finishing that paperwork” because you will know exactly when they get it and when they listen to that message.  Hip Voice will also help when you are worried about paying for fees when you have to contact someone in another country.

Soon Hip Voice will be an add on feature to your wireless service through all the wireless carriers. You will have the option to have Hip Voice put on your wireless plan.  At this time Hip Voice has already been accepted by AT&T and T-mobile.  Hip Voice will also be available on all smart phones which makes this application even better.

This app is very simple to set up.  All you do is set up the button on your BlackBerry device that you want to use as the push to talk button.  I have set my left convenience key set to it.  You get a buddy list too where you can select the pers0n that you want to talk to. You can set up different groups for different companies as well.  Hip Voice also lets you see a list of messages you have sent and when they arrived and when they were listened too by the person you sent it to.

I believe that once everyone hears about Hip Voice it will become very popular.  The idea of the application is a very good idea, and they are marketing the right way.  The ability top be able to push a button and be able to send a  voice message directly to someone is a marvelous idea.  The only downside to the application is that its not as instant as I would like but it only takes about 5 seconds for it to reach the person.

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You can find out more about Hip Voice on their website www.hipvoice.com

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