How to Add Multiple Devices to Your BBM Enterprise Account


BBMe or BBM Enterprise is now available to all users due to Emtek Announcing the end of BBM Services. Ever since I was able to download and sign up for BBMe I have been digging around trying to find neat features.  Probably the biggest feature that I have found is the ability to sign into the same BBM Account on multiple devices. Now, if you have been using BBMe before this isn’t a new feature to you, but to many, this is a brand new feature.

If you are like me, you might either carry around multiple devices throughout the day or you frequently change devices.  If you are BBM user this has always been difficult as you could only be signed into the main BBM account on one device.  If you frequently changed devices you either had to sign in and out of your account every time you used a different device or create multiple BBM accounts for each device you have. This is something I did and needed a Spreadsheet just to keep track of them all.

Well, now with BBMe, you can sign into the same BBM or BlackBerry ID account on multiple devices. This is a really great feature and allows users to easily have access to their BBM Chats on whatever device you want.  Now there is a limit to how many devices you can sign into, which is 5 devices. This also does include signing into a Mac or Windows PC to access BBMe. 5 devices should be plenty though for most users. If you need more then you can shuffle the devices that are signed in pretty easily.

To get this setup, just check out our walkthrough below!


Step 1– To get started, download and install BBM Enterprise on whichever iOS or Android device you want to use. *For this walkthrough, we will be using another Android device but the steps should be similar.* Once you install BBM Enterprise, you will be asked to sign in to your BlackBerry ID. Make sure to sign into the same one as you did on your original device.


Step 2– Once you sign into your BlackBerry ID, BBM Enterprise will notice that this is an additional device and ask if you want to Add this device. You will need to have access to another device that is already registered.


Step 3– After you hit continue the device that you are adding will display a device activation code that you will need to enter into one of your existing devices.  Your existing device should prompt you for it as soon as you hit continue.


Step 4– After you provide the activation code your new device will be activated in your BBM Enterprise account. You can customize the name of the device you are adding for easy management if you plan on having more than a few devices signed in. I usually just name each device their name.



Step 5– After you decide on what you want to name your device, you are now ready to start using BBM Enterprise on that device! You should see the new device appear in the Devices listing under your profile.


Hopefully, this guide is helpful for anyone looking to add multiple devices to their BBM Enterprise profile.  Hit the comments below if you have questions and let us know how you are enjoying BBM Enterprise!



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