How to Create a Passcode in BBM Enterprise


BBM Enterprise is now officially available for consumers to switch over to with the recent announcement of Emtek ending BBM Consumer Support. The great thing about BBM Enterprise is that it provides user enterprise-grade end-to-end encrypted messages on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

One cool feature inside BBM Enterprise is the ability to add a Passcode lock to the application. Now this feature was available in BBM on iOS but for some reason never made it’s way over to BBM on Android. This is a really great feature that helps protect your chats from anyone who might have unwanted access to your device.

Step 1-To enable the Passcode lock, simply open BBM Enterprise and select the hamburger menu in the top left hand corner and select settings in the menu.

Step 2– Once you are in settings, select the pass code option

Step 3– Once you are in the Passcode settings, simply turn the option on for ‘Passcode’

Step 4– After you turn on the Passcode option you will be prompted to Enter a new 4 Digit Passcode. Choose a 4 digit code that is easy for you to remember but not for anyone else to know.

Step 5– Confirm the 4 digit passcode that you created

Step 6– Once you confirm it you will be brought back to the Passcode option screen

Step 7– Select the Ask for Passcode after option to choose the frequency of when you will be ask for the passcode. Personally I selected immediately but you can choose from the time frame you desire.

Now that you have setup the passcode, you will be asked to provide the passcode whenever you open BBM and at which ever frequency you selected!


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