How To Customize Spell Check and Auto-Correction Features

Our BlackBerry handsets do a lot of great things, like auto-correcting certain typos, and notifying us when we’ve spelled something incorrectly. Used properly, these two features can make our lives much easier, though used incorrectly can result in a frustrating typing experience.

The AutoText features automatically corrects the spelling of certain words when specific strings of text are typed. For example, typing “acn” will, by default, auto-correct to “can”, and typing “arent” will auto-correct to “aren’t”.

Go to Options

Click on AutoText

To add new auto-corrections, press Menu and select New

Enter the characters you want to be replaced (incorrect spelling), followed by the word you’d like it to correct to. You can choose to use SmartCase, where the device will decide on capitalization for you, or customize that as well.┬áPress Menu, and choose Save

To delete auto-corrections, highlight the term you’d like to delete. Press Menu and select Delete

Click Delete to confirm

Your Custom Dictionary can be very useful as well, allowing you to add words that the spell-checking feature will basically ignore. For example, you may want the name of a band to be ignored by spellcheck since it’s a unique word not in the English dictionary.

Go to Options, and click Custom Dictionary

To add new custom dictionary entries, press Menu and select New

Type in the word and press enter

To delete custom dictionary entries, highlight the word and Press Menu, followed by Delete. Confirm that you want to delete the entry, and it will be removed from the list.

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