How To FIx: Error 907 Invalid COD on a BlackBerry


If you have tried to download an application like UberTwitter, you may have come across the “Error 907, Invalid COD” message, so this is how to fix it.

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  1. Olowo says:

    @Jimmy/Adebisi, I would advise that you keep on re trying till it goes through. I just did mine after several retrials. Also make sure your internet connection is good. I got the error code but kept retrying till I it downloaded the update. All the best.

    **You could also try clearing the cache today from security, before updating.

    • deneekee says:

      I’ve wiped my fone twice stil cnt download whatsapp, its saying error 907 invalid….pls wat shuld I do

  2. jimmy says:

    Can’t install the latest version of Whatsapp, it keep telling me invalid COD 907. Tired of trials kindly help

  3. Adebisi says:

    Loading whattsap application can’t be worst than this.

  4. doctor says:

    I can’t reinstall my whatsupp on my bb please please help me! Can’t enjoy my phone now

  5. AG says:

    Thanks … helped me alot …

  6. jaymin says:

    omg thank you so much it works w0000t

  7. MikeC says:

    Just clear your BB cache if you receive a 907 error 🙂

  8. Leandra says:

    I have tried it and still nothing works. What else can I try?

  9. I can’t view your post on how to resolve the error message. The java files I transfered to my blackberry 8310 fails to install instead it displays 907 error message after attempting to install the raw file. Please tell me how to resolve this so that I can enjoy bb. Thanks.

  10. lourdes says:

    i am trying to download a file i transfer from my desktop to blackberry 9670 and i get error 907 invaild jar and i also get on the btexploerer the uncaught exception java.lang.noclassdef. any idea how to fix this.

  11. Jerry2032 says:

    Thank You SO much! I was having this issue with another program I was trying to install and this was the only thing that worked! Thanks once again!

  12. Victor says:

    I can’t see where it says here how to fix 907 invalid COD wtf???

  13. Fancygirlie says:

    Hi, I made the mistake of downloading Facebook.1.9 this morning which knocked out all my internet settings, and deleted all my facebook messages/notifications from my phone. Not to mention the fact that the new update is cr*p. So I deleted it and tried to download the older version but keep getting this error message. None of the aboe solutions are working for me. I don’t suppose you would know what to do, would you?

  14. Zuby says:

    Guys. May lady friend clear her cache but she still can’t download mylookout software. She uses a bb javelin I don’t knw it that’s y I can and she can’t. Pls what else can she do.

  15. Jim says:

    Rob thank you so much, after clearing my bb cache it installed flawlessly.

  16. Amasy says:

    am trying to install lookout mobile security version 4.10.1 to replace version 4.9 which is not working well for me(Bold 9000). am still getting the same ‘download failed’ even after changing the options

  17. Rob says:

    I have found many people saying to clear the cache, or remove the original version of the application you are trying to install to solve this problem. This is the only method that worked for me, thank you Gabe!

  18. DEXTERDAZZLE says:


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