How to Fix the BlackBerry Storm OS 5.0 Landscape Theme Issue

blackberry-storm-landscapeOS 5.0 was recently released for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 and those that decided not to move on to the Storm 2 got to enjoy some of its features.  The new OS update did however bring one nasty little theme bug that has frustrated many.

Whenever users would activate a third party theme and switch their phone to landscape view the theme would break.  It would cause blurry lines because the theme would not stretch to fit the whole screen and even caused some of the icons not to work.  Thankfully there is temporary fix for this that should repair your broken themes but needs to be done each time you reboot..  We have yet to hear about this issue on the BlackBerry Storm 2 so don’t forget about the upcoming Verizon promotion that will allow Storm users to upgrade early to the Storm 2.

OS 5.0 Landscape Mode Theme Fix:

1.) From the homescreen click the BlackBerry menu button twice then click    OPTIONS>>>CHANGE WALLPAPER (at this point you must change your current wallpaper to something different)

2.) Now go back into OPTIONS>>>LAYOUT (change the layout from 2 rows to Today)

3.) Go back into OPTIONS>>>LAYOUT (change layout from Today back to 2 rows)

[via BBSupport Forums]


  1. M. Irby says:

    Thank you so much for this fix. I was definitely getting frustrated with it especially since I use my Storm in landscape more often than portrait. Thanks again. A temporary fix is better than none. 🙂

  2. lisa says:

    thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Zack says:

    Well played! Landscape being screwy looking was frustrating! Thanks for your help!

  4. Norm Rice says:

    RT @BerryReporter : How to Fix the #BlackBerry Storm OS 5.0 Landscape Theme Issue:

  5. DavidB says:

    The fix must be reapplied every time you reboot, right?

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