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By now you have heard the news that Emtek is ending BBM Consumer Service on May 31st. Along with that announcement, BlackBerry also announced that users can now sign up for the end-to-end encryption BBM Enterprise! This is really great news for anyone looking to still chat with friends via BBM. I does require a little setup though so, that means a walk-through guide is in need! Look no further! Check out the step-by-step guide on how to setup for BBM Enterprise.

*Note this guide is only for Android users as of right now. Once BlackBerry provides the iOS update we will update this guide!*


Step 1-The first thing you will want to do is head over to the Google Play Store and search for BBM Enterprise. Once you find it, go ahead and select the Install icon to begin installing it onto your device.


Step 2- Once BBM Enterprise is downloaded and Installed you can open it up and you will be presented with a screen telling you that a subscription is required. Select continue to proceed.


Step 3– Next you will be brought to a screen that asks you to select a sign-in method.  There are two ways you can sign into BBM Enterprise depending on if you are a consumer or a enterprise user. If you are coming from the BBM Consumer app you will want to select “Sign In With Your BlackBerry ID”. If you are using BBM Enterprise with you organization and they use BlackBerry UEM (BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Mangement) then you will want to select “Activate with BlackBerry UEM”.


Step 4– Sign in with the BlackBerry ID that you used with the BBM Consumer applications


Step 5– Now once you sign in you will get a screen with a message that reads “You don’t have permission to use BBM Enterprise.” Don’t worry as we will be signing up for a new subscription in the next few steps. Select the ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom to proceed.


Step 6– You should now be on a screen asking that stats, “To use BBM Enterprise for personal use, buy an individual subscription below.”  This is where we will sign up for the subscription for BBM Enterprise.  BBM Enterprise is free for the first year and then will be $2.49 USD for 6 months.  To sign up, select the blue icon that shows the $2.49 price tag in it.



Step 7– Once you select the Blue button a Google Play Subscription sign up will appear. Here you can choose the payment method you would like to use when you are billed for the 6 month subscription once the free trial ends.  Once you select your desired payment method, you can hit the Green Subscribe button

Step 8– Once you select Subscribed you will be brought to a the BBM Chat Window that is blank, once you are here, you are all set and can begin adding your contacts!


There you have it. Once you follow these steps you will up and running in BBM Enterprise! If you have any questions with the walk through, drop a comment in the comment section below!

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