How To Zip/Unzip Files for Free Using Beam Explorer

Blackberry devices are well rounded handsets that can do many things out-of-box, but one very useful feature is left out – the ability to zip and unzip files directly on the device. Thankfully, there is a free file manager application called Beam Explorer that will enable users to do just that.

To download Beam Explorer, simply launch BlackBerry App World and search for Beam Explorer File Manager. Download and install the application, and accept the terms and conditions (you will be prompted when you first launch the application).

To extract a ZIP file, navigate to it through the folder tree, and simply click on it to unzip.

Beam Explorer will extract it, creating a new folder holding the contents. You can now access the contained files as you normally would.

To zip a folder, simply highlight it in Beam Explorer, press the menu key, and select Zip. If you would like to zip only certain files within a folder, select them all by holding the CAPS(Shift) key, and scroll through them.

Enter the name of your new zipped folder, and press the Enter key.

The zipped folder will automatically be placed in the same location as the original files.

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  1. Koshe says:

    Hi, can I copy new files in .zip file? Also, is it possible to open zip file & view content directly or its necessary to extract first & then view them?

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