In Order for the New BlackBerry Device to be Successful, BlackBerry 10 Owners Need to Move On


BlackBerry 10 was an operating system that was ahead of its time. It was an operating system that had great features to keep users productive and secure while staying true to the BlackBerry experience users came to love in BBOS. It has always been my favorite operating system to this day on any platform. I still carry my BlackBerry Classic with me in my everyday bag.

There are a ton of diehard BlackBerry 10 users that will hang onto their device of choice until the device no longer works.  I completely understand their desire to keep using the platform and not wanting to let it go. However, that concept of not moving to a newer BlackBerry device is, in my mind, one of the reasons the TCL BlackBerry devices didn’t succeed.

Now, before you start firing off in the comments, I am not putting all the blame on current BlackBerry 10 device owners. There were a ton of reasons why devices like the BlackBerry KEY2 or KEYone wasn’t as successful as they could have been.  However, it always makes me wonder, how much more successful it would have been if BlackBerry 10 owners made the switch.

Now I get why a lot of BlackBerry 1o users don’t like the idea of switching to a newer BlackBerry device, because it is running Android on it. For some, giving Android or Google access to your information is very concerning for folks.  Being an active Android user though, Google has made a ton of great security and privacy-minded changes to the Android OS with Android 9 and Android 10. You have a lot more control over what Google has access to and even how long they have access to that information. I myself am a very security/privacy-conscious person and I have full faith that my information is secure with Google thanks to what I give them access to.

I also think that OnwardMobility will work closely with BlackBerry to help ease some of the concerns with Privacy in Android.  During my discussion with OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin, he seemed very keen on making sure the user’s privacy was a top priority in the device.  Of course, we won’t know if this is true or what it even means until we find out more about the device, but just hearing how much they have mentioned it makes me feel good.

If OnwardMobility is going to succeed with this new BlackBerry device, or hopefully many new BlackBerry devices, then the BlackBerry 1o community is going to have to be more willing to switch devices. Again that is not going to be an easy battle, and it will be something that OnwardMobility will have to figure out in-house.

Of course, OnwardMobility will have to focus on getting users from other Android devices and iPhones to come back to the BlackBerry Brand and that won’t be an easy battle for them to fight. However, I think the hardest battle is going to be BlackBerry 10 users.  If we want BlackBerry devices to be successful than I think it might be time for BlackBerry 10 users to give this new BlackBerry device a look.


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