Keeping on Track and Remembering Facts with StickyNote

Sticky note is a simple to use app for the BlackBerry which provides a virtual sticky note on your screen. The virtual sticky note will not damage the screen and works well with any theme. The note is easy to select and makes it possible to write a little message to yourself to help remember anything that you might forget during the day. Since the BlackBerry screen is something that you take a glance towards frequently, you will be sure to notice the message that you leave to yourself for the activities you need to do.

The really great thing about StickyNote is that you can have the information you really need right at your finger tips (literally on the Storm 2!), which makes it a great way to store information. For example (and I do not recommend this) I was storing my Debit Card pin on my phone so that I could remember it since it was a new one that I wasn’t used to yet. I do not recommend you store that sort of information, but jotting down a quick number from someone you meet or an item that you have to remember for later is really easy with StickyNote. It really can be a lifesaver to have access to your information that fast or to store information as fast possible, by using an app like StickyNote.

The price tag of this app is only $2.99, but it can help you remember anything from getting the groceries to picking up an important document from the boss. The app allows for customization of the size and color/design of sticky notes as well as where the note is placed and what fonts the notes display. You can hide or change the sticky not whenever it is necessary as well, making it a great option for those who dislike having their notes out in view at all times if their phone is out in view.

Make sure you check out StickNote on the BlackBerry App World.

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