Lefties Favor iPhones vs. Right-Wing Are BlackBerry Addicts. What are you?

Surprising news! A recent survey showed that your political status shows the choice of your smartphone: The Blackberry Cellphones are used by right party while the left-wingers favor the Iphone. This is based on a poll of 600 residents of California that voted in the states gubernatorial election, which was decided this year will replace Arnold Schwartzenegger in 2011.

The following are the results:

· Iphones are owned by one is 7 voters which is 16%, and by a wide margin (57% to 31%)-and the favor the the unannounced Democratic front-runner Jerry Brown in the race of governor over republican Meg Whitman.

· One in 5 voters which is 21% prefers to use a Blackberry or other Smartphone over Iphones, and they vote for Whitman for governor, which is 47% to 38% over Brown.

A UK poll taken found similar results.  Many say that apple “with its cool design and sleek look, has always had a particular liberal creative appeal as part of its brand.” Which the of course compare “to the dull corporatism of [Apple’s] rivals”.

Many are ditching their blackberry curve for the Iphone, which was cooler, sleeker and had a creative appeal and with all greats Apps of course.

However the Iphone just doesn’t measure up to the Blackberry Smartphone. is quicker online, more reliable with emails, easier to type on and overall a better product.  Don’t be fooled by that dangerous Left-wing idea that more important than actual results are  intentions, appearances and.


  1. Duane W says:

    So, because I’m an Independent, I have a touchscreen BlackBerry (Torch)? LOL

  2. Mark Trail says:

    All that means Steve is there is hope for you yet. 🙂 We got your phone…soon we will have your wing! (Insert evil laugh)

  3. steve says:

    Wrong. I use a 9700 and and 'left winged'

  4. Mark Trail says:

    As usual Conservative substance trumps Liberal style! As a hardcore Right-Wing Conservative who would launch nuclear Armageddon if someone were to try to separate him from his new Blackberry…I gotta agree!

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