Mobile Email Statistics Tell Us You Check your Email on the Potty

Ronen at Berry Review found a funny piece today about mobile email useage statistics.  The article comes from NeverFail, who did some research about mobile useage.  Basically the highlights of the article are the email stats.  Raise your hand if you take your BlackBerry in the pooper?  I know I do, and Ronen apparently does too.  I’m on my phone 24/7 whether its emails, BBM’s, checkin’ the news or whatever.  So here are the numbers for the business people:

  • 79% checked email in the bathroom
  • 77% while driving
  • 11% while engaged in intimate behavior
  • 41% while their commercial plane was in the air
  • 94% during work nights or weekends
  • 96% while on vacation

Now to be completely honest, I am an addict and yes I probably need help, because I saw that list and then thought about my own usage habits.  I can check all those off the list except for checking in the airplane.  Umm yeah, well she didn’t know I just glanced at my phone when it went off.  I know I know…. I need help.

Check out the article and the market report and come back and tell us about your BlackBerry habits.

via Berry Review

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  1. Tritan says:

    wow it is surprising I thought the bathroom would have been higher.

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