Mobilicity BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 3G get Official OS 6 Upgrade

We’ve been keeping an eye on offiical OS releases in North America, patiently waiting for OS 6 to officially drop, and oddly enough, the first carrier to release the new OS for the Bold 9700 and Curve 3G is Mobilicity. OS is available now for Mobilicity customers who own either of these devices, and can be downloaded by visiting

Please Note: If this OS isn’t from your carrier, please remember to delete the vendor.xml file before installing it. Additionally, BerryReporter is not responsible for any damage or issues caused by loading this, or any other OS onto your device, so please only install it if you are comfortable with the process.

Have you tried out this OS version? If so, let us know your observations by dropping a comment below!

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  1. nachtfrost says:

    I have tried to install the mobilicity OS on my Curve 3G.
    During setup an error appeared saying setup wouldn’t have the permission for a specific registry key.
    I could fix this by granting the msiserver the full rights for this key. Next try. Now it’s another key. I fixed this, too, and the next, too, and the next, too….
    After fixing all keys another error message appeared, again about some rights… I searched for the mentioned DeviceManagerProperties.PropertiesRIMDeviceManager\CLSID but theres no subfolder named CLSID.
    At this point I don’t know how to go on…

    Thanks though for the message and the link!

    btw: provider: E-Plus (Germany), prepaid no contract! phone was bought at without simlock

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