MoGo Talk Integrated Bluetooth Headset Coming to BlackBerry

Where is the best place to store a bluetooth headset when you’re not using it?  This is a question many of us ask because there isn’t really one ideal location.  Sure you can get a bluetooth pouch and wear it on your hip but those never seem to fit the headset correctly.  Thankfully the creative team at MoGo created a bluetooth headset that can be stored on the back of your phone so you always have easy access to it.  The MoGo Talk was previously released for the iPhone and soon it will be available for the BlackBerry.

MoGo Talk will be the first bluetooth headset that can be stored into the back of a BlackBerry.  It features a slim design and it only gives your phone a little bit of extra bulk.  It also can be charged along with your BlackBerry so you don’t need to have an extra bluetooth charger.  What’s great about MoGo Talk is that you can carry it around in certain types of holsters that store your BlackBerry face in.  Most importantly it offers the same superior audio quality you find in many of the top level bluetooth headsets.  MoGo Talk will available soon for the BlackBerry Curve 8300 and Curve 8900.  Initial pricing will be $129.00 for each model.  Find out more about the MoGo Talk for BlackBerry here.

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