New BBM update adds faster sign in, timeline for iOS and more new features!


A brand new BBM update has rolled out for both iOS and Android devices and brings with it several new features as well as the usual bug fixes and enhancements. Point to note is one of the more fun features like watching video in group chats is an Indonesian only feature at the moment.

Check out the list of new features in the new BBM update below:

Faster Sign-ups and Sign-ins for Users

New and existing users can now quickly and securely sign-up and sign-in to BBM with just a one-time password. This new feature also speeds up the login process, as it auto-detects your country code based on your SIM card information. (Note: The option to manually enter your country code will still be available.) Once BBM verifies that the number you entered is a valid mobile phone number, you’ll get a one-time password via SMS to confirm. Enjoy the faster-than-ever BBM login!

Indonesians: Watch Videos in Group Chats—While Messaging!

Has it been a constant challenge rounding up your busy friends – or friends located in other cities – just to watch a live soccer telecast or your favourite TV shows together for example? For our BBM users in Indonesia, watching your favorite sporting events and shows with friends just got more convenient, fun and exciting!

BBM is committed to bringing you the closest experience to being there in person. That’s why we’re thrilled to present a new in-chat video player, allowing everyone to watch video inside group and 1:1 chats without leaving the chat environment! When you share a video, or someone else shares a video from Discover in your group, everyone in the chat can tap the video to play it, continuing the conversation while watching a live or on-demand video. Don’t forget to try this new feature during the 2018 Asian Games – where you can watch your favorite sport together. Distance is no longer an issue with BBM!

New Timeline for iOS Users: Share and Keep Up with Your Contacts

For those who enjoy checking on Feeds to see the latest developments in your social circle, now you’ll never miss out! iOS users can join Android users on the new Timeline! It’s a great way to keep track of all the wonderful moments you’ve shared with your BBM contacts! Access the new Timeline by tapping your name or avatar on the Me Tab, where you’ll see a collection of all the status updates you’ve posted from your own Timeline screen or Feeds.

Create a Custom PIN Easier Than Ever

When we first introduced Custom PIN, we gave people the freedom to select their own PIN. It could be  your name, nickname or any other creative combination you can come up with! Then we made Custom PIN  editable, allowing you to change it as often as you like for FREE!

Now, we’ve made the process of creating new Custom PIN easier than ever. BBM no longer requires phone number verification when creating a new Custom PIN—saving you the time and trouble of the two-step confirmation process where you had to insert your phone number and wait for verification.

To get your new Custom PIN today, go to Me tab, select PIN (username) and create your custom PIN instantly!

BBM Official Accounts, Now Available Globally

BBM Official Accounts allow brands, businesses and even celebrities to send messages directly to BBM users who have subscribed. We launched this new feature in May in Indonesia only. Now, it’s available worldwide!

For businesses, brands and celebrities, Official Accounts provide increased control over how they target customers or followers in real time, allowing them to customize their messages and encourage engagement.

Subscribers or followers get direct access to their favorite brands and celebrities, employers, or other groups. To subscribe, go to Contacts and then select Official Accounts to see a list of all the available accounts for your region.

Add Notes When Sharing Documents on Android

In our previous release, we made document sharing faster on 1:1 chat, and available for the first time on group chat, allowing you to exchange any type of document. Android users can now add a caption when sending documents – PDF, Microsoft Office, RAR and ZIP files – in both 1:1 or group chat!

It’s perfect for when you wish to add a quick note or summary, making it easier for the receiver to understand the content.

Never Miss Out on Calls with Better Notifications

Don’t you hate missing calls? Now you don’t have to. BBM has your back!

With the latest BBM, you can turn on your phone, come back online, and catch all the notifications you might have missed. The improved missed-call notification feature ensures you’ll see any missed calls while you were offline as soon as you return. The notifications appear at the bottom of your chat screen along with the time the call came in and whether it was voice or video. This also guarantees that your BBM Contacts will see any calls you make while they’re offline.

Those are the marquee features of this release, which also includes lots of other improvements to streamline your BBM experience. Keep an eye out for the next release, coming in a few weeks. Let us know in the comments below what new features you would like the team at BBM to add to forthcoming releases.

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