New BBM Update Brings a Faster and Lighter Version of BBM Along with Storage Management!


It is always a great day when you start it off with a BBM update!  If you use BBM on Android or iOS, you can go check out your devices app store. There, you should see an update for BBM waiting for you! This update brings a lot of great features for both iOS and Android BBM users.

First, the biggest update you should actually notice is that BBM is now a much lighter app and it operates a lot quicker. Both iOS and Android users will notice that BBM loads up a lot quicker after the app has been fully or ‘forced’ closed.  iOS users should also notice an improvement in the speed of getting notifications.  If you are an Android user, 1:1 chats, multi-person chats, and Group chats will load up quicker.  Sending messages, Stickers and BBMoji’s will also move a lot quicker now.

Android users can now also manage their storage for each BBM Chat and Group chat.  BBM now gives you the ability to choose the type of content you want to delete from a certain chat.  You can choose from text messages, Audio files, images and much more. This will help reduce the storage space that chat is taken up on your device.  To clear out storage for each chat you can go to the Me tab, then select General. Choose Data, and then Storage usage. There you should see a list of your chats.  Select which chat you want to delete storage from. It is pretty simple!




Another cool feature inside BBM for Android users is the ability to see previews of websites in chats.  If a person in a chat shares a website URL, BBM will automatically display a thumbnail image and a headline in the chat.  This allows users to preview the link before they decide to open the actual website.


Android users also have the ability to easily add more contacts to a multi-person chat, choose contacts to forward messages to, and share posts with.  When you select these contacts, the contacts you have selected will appear at the top, making easier to see who you have already selected!

Don’t worry iOS users, there is a pretty cool feature for you as well.  BBM for iOS has now been fully integrated with iOS’s call kit, making BBM Voice calls even easier to manage.  When iOS BBM users are on a BBM Voice call and get an incoming phone call, users will now be prompted three things, End the BBM call and accept the other call, have the other call sent to voice mail, or hold the BBM call to answer the other call. This makes BBM Voice calls on iOS much easier to handle.  Also, BBM Voice calls now have an option to switch to Bluetooth while on a BBM Voice call.  While on a BBM Voice call, users can select switch to Bluetooth to have the audio of the BBM Voice call come through a Bluetooth headset or speaker! 


These are a lot of great features in this latest update for BBM. Make sure you grab this latest update by going to the Google Play or the App Store to grab these latest updates! Let us know if you see any other improvements in the latest update for BBM!


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