New BBM Update with Redesigned Feeds with Video Posts, Better Photo and Video Storage Options and More!

BBM new text highlighting features including bold, italic and underlining!

The latest update for BBM 3.19, is available now for both Android in Google Play and iOS the App Store, allowing you to share video posts on Feeds (Android); use your favorite BBMoji or high-quality photo (on Android) as your display picture; and add bold, italic and more to your messages. You can also now save images and videos you receive in BBM in your devices Gallery or Photos. The new QR codes feature makes inviting new members to your Groups easier than ever (Android). And iOS BBM users also get faster video sharing! Check out the press release below for more details on these new features in the latest version of your favourite instant messaging app, BBM.

Express Yourself in More Ways

Share Video Posts on Feeds (Android) and new redesigned Feeds (Indonesia market)

For years, the Feeds tab has been the place to go to keep up on what’s happening around you: friends, activities, and news. More recently, we added Timeline to your profile info so you can see a history of all the status updates and pictures you shared on Feeds.

Now for Indonesian users only, we’re excited to bring you a new, refreshed Feeds with a cleaner design. And, as part of that, now you can share your life moments in more ways with video posts on Feeds (Video post will be accessible to rest of the world)! Sharing your life moments just got easier!

Use BBMoji for Your Display Picture

Stand out from the crowd by giving your BBM display picture—the main picture of you—a fun BBMoji makeover! BBMojis are personalized animations and emoticons of you! The BBMoji app uses a selfie of you to create expressive and funny stickers you can use in your messages—and now as your display picture. Just go to the new BBMoji app, open My Collections and choose a BBMoji to preview. When you found the one you like best, select Set as BBM Display. It’s fun!

Look Sharp with a High-Quality Avatar on Android

BBMoji not your style? Another option for your display picture on Android is to update your photo to take advantage of the higher resolution capability—up to 1080 pixels. We’ve removed the photo compression on Android, so your photo will appear with the same quality as the original. To swap in a new photo, go to your Timeline and tap your current display picture (or go to More and then Edit Picture). Then upload your new, high-resolution photo and tap Done!

Add Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough to Your Messages

Now you can emphasize your words by customizing your text in 1:1 and Group chats. When you type your message, tap and hold to select text you want to format. A menu will appear that gives you the option to make it bold or italic, underline it or add “strikethrough” to make it appear as though the word has been crossed out.

Choose Where to save BBM Images and Videos

The latest BBM gives you more control over the images and videos you receive in BBM. Now you can choose whether you want to make them part of your Gallery (on Android) or Photos (on iOS) or save them separately in a different folder. To automatically add images and videos to your gallery/Photos, go to the More tab, select General and then tick Save to Gallery or Save to Photos.

Quickly Add New Group Members via QR Code on Android

For Android users, now it’s easier than ever to add new members to your Groups. We have added the option for anyone in a group to invite new members—a change from when only admins could invite new members. And now, the invitation itself can be done with a QR code! New members no longer have to be one of your BBM Contacts, or even a current BBM user.

To invite someone, go to the Group, select Group Info, and tap Add via QR Code. To join, the person you invite simply uses their phone to scan the code on your phone. Simple!

Get Better, Faster Video Sharing on iOS

BBM users now have more information, more options, and more speed when sharing videos on iOS. We’ve made some backend improvements that give you:

  • A progress bar that shows you how long the upload/download process will take
  • A new option to cancel the upload or download while it’s happening
  • The ability to send multiple videos at once instead of having to send them one at a time

Next time you upload or download a video to or from a 1:1 or Group chat, you’ll see these new features.

To send multiple videos at once—up to 30!—simply select multiple videos from the Camera Roll.

So thats the new BBM update and just to make you aware one feature that has been removed from this current build is the depreciation of calendars in the old BBM Groups. You can see your events in BBM Groups however they are aren’t displayed in your devices calendar app. Many people have reported this issue during the beta process and the team at BBM Emtek sadly haven’t fixed the issue which can only lead us to believe that its part of Emtek strategy to force people to move over from old BBM Groups to the new BBM Groups sadly.

Download the new BBM 3.19 update now from Google Play and Apple App Store and let us know your thoughts on these cool features in the comments.

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