New BlackBerry Android App Updates Brings Dark Theme to BlackBerry Hub, Password Keeper, and more Features!


BlackBerry has started to roll out the latest BlackBerry Android App updates and there is one big feature that many have been waiting for. Dark Theme for the BlackBerry Hub is now available and ready to put to use!  Dark Theme has been highly anticipated ever since it made its appearance in the BlackBerry Beta Zone version.  To setup the Dark Theme go to the BlackBerry Hub>Settings>General Settings and then flip the switch for Dark Theme!


Password Keeper is also sharing the love of the Dark Theme, as you can now setup Dark Theme for Password Keeper as well! Dark Theme isn’t the only new feature for the BlackBerry Hub on Android.  One of the other cool new features is the addition of the Attachment view. If you were or still are a BlackBerry 10 user, you will remember this handy feature. Attachment view allows you to see all attachments in either a list view or a grid view. It was always one of my favorite features in BlackBerry 10 and I am very happy to see this make it’s way onto the Android BlackBerry Hub.  The BlackBerry Hub for Android now also supports WeChat and Line Notifications. Check out the other new features in BlackBerry Hub for Android below!

  • Dark Theme: You can now enable dark theme support inside the Hub.
  • Attachment view: Bringing back a BlackBerry 10 feature, you can enable a separate view that just displays attachments. Tapping on a dedicated icon on the action bar allows you to quickly see all attachments in either a list view or a grid view. The view even displays attachments that have not yet been downloaded.
  • Support for .msg attachments: You can now view .msg attachments from within an email.
  • Additional Hub integrations: Hub now supports WeChat and Line notifications.
  • Filing improvements: Improved suggestions when filing emails based on most frequently used folders.
  • “Splat” notification improvements: Support for splatting (aka, the red and white Spark icon) on custom created views in the Hub
  • Enhanced S/MIME details: The S/MIME details of received messages have been expanded to better reflect details such as signature and certificate status, encoding algorithms, and any security warnings.
  • Enhanced S/MIME attachment support: Signed and encrypted messages that have both p7s and p7m attachments are now supported.
  • FIPS-validated S/MIME for BlackBerry Android: When Hub is used on BlackBerry Android smartphones, S/MIME functions are performed using the newly-added FIPS-validated crypto module for added security.


If you haven’t seen the App updates hit your Android device, be patient as it should hit your device pretty quickly. Unfortunately for BlackBerry 10 users, there is still no word if we will ever see Dark Theme for BlackBerry roll out. We can always hope though!

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