New Images of the Touchscreen/QWERTY BlackBerry Magnum

We know that RIM has plans to release a touchscreen/QWERTY slide out keyboard BlackBerry.  Some are already calling it the Storm3 because it will look exactly like the Storm only it will have a slide out keyboard.  Now there are also rumors of a different kind of touchscreen hybrid BlackBerry that will look like a Tour only you will be able to also interact with the screen.  Some have nicknamed it the BlackBerry Magnum and yesterday we got our first look at what it might look like.

These new pictures were uploaded to Twitter by @CellGuru and in them you can clearly see that the trackball is missing.  In fact it appears that all the buttons like send, end call and the BlackBerry menu button are built into the screen.  This is similar to the Storm2 only half the size.  At this point it’s hard to tell which exact model this is but it mostly resembles the BlackBerry Magnum.  If this is the case then this might just be a prototype model and not the real thing.  We are sure more details will emerge in the coming weeks but in the meantime check out all the juicy pics that CellGuru has taken.

[nggallery id=39]

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