Amber Glow is a sleek and smart BlackBerry theme which is feature packed.

Featuring 8 pre defined apps across the top of the home screen, and then 6 user definable icons across the base of the screen which are housed in a hidden dock.

All new custom made icon set throughout and custom made orange and blue menus, boxes, buttons and more give this theme a professional and crisp look.

Hidden dock is shown and hidden by scrolling up or down from the top dock.

Home screen wallpaper is wallpaper friendly and flows through to the lock screen.


  • 8 pre defined icons across the top of the home page
  • – address book, browser, calendar, messages, bbm, options, search, sms
  • 6 user definable icons across the base of the screen, in a hidden dock!
  • custom made icon set
  • custom made menus, boxes, buttons, cursers and icon highlighting
  • new custom made battery and signal meters
  • orange and blue crisp colour scheme used throughout
  • abstract orange coloured call screen wallpapers
  • sleek and smooth with no lagging, freezing, memory or battery loss
  • Regular price $3.89 get %75 off with promo code – BGT75

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