October KEY2 Update ABI067 rolling out now Worldwide with KEY2 LE features!

New Google Assistant feature on October’s update


UPDATE: October patch is now also rolling out worldwide to the BlackBerry Motion but sadly without the software enhancements mentioned below.

We all love updates and in the last 24 hours a BIG update has rolled out to BlackBerry KEY2 users throughout the world. The ABI067 update features the latest Android security patch and fixes but more excitingly it also adds some excellent new features that originally debuted on the brand new BlackBerry KEY2 LE.

First up we have the app cloning feature from the KEY2 LE that allows you clone apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and WeChat for personal and work based accounts on the same device. Any apps tied into a number such as WhatsApp will require you to have a dual sim KEY2 but nonetheless this is still a welcome new addition.

Another new feature is the enhanced BlackBerry Convenience Key mode which brings a special Google Assistant profile. This can be activated by pressing once on the Convenience Key which will launch Google Assistant, a double press will activate Google Lens and long press of the Convenience Key will activate a new Walkie Talkie mode that will allow you to talk with Google Assistant.

The KEY2’s camera gets some love too with a new features for the front facing cam on the device. There are new some camera modes like “Wide Selfie” which uses the Panoramic mode to deliver better selfie pics with you and your friends. There is also promises a new “Face Beauty” feature that offers selfie capture enhancements, but we have yet to have gotten this feature working to be honest.

Finally a new Keyboard brightness feature has also been included after user feedback that control the brightness for both the navigation buttons and the keyboard on your BlackBerry KEY2. You can choose to allow your device to automatically optimise brightness based on available light or manually tweak the settings yourself.

Some bugs were also fixed on October’s update too including the video calling bug that affected Duo, WhatsApp and BBM video calls for some users. Also its reported that another bug with flip to mute has also been fixed in this build and the option to activate this mode is now available again in your device settings.

Download the update now, it clocks in at almost 500MB so you will want to be connected to WiFi. Users are reporting that the October update is rolling out simultaneously in several nations and markets around the world including North America and Europe. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below especially if you can get this new Face Beauty feature working on your camera!

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