Official BlackBerry YouTube Channel Debuts

youtube blackberryRIM has been making big announcements all week and their latest is to announce the debut of the official BlackBerry YouTube channel.  In this channel you will find BlackBerry “How to” videos that will show you basic tips and tricks.  Developers will also want to tune in because there are numerous videos on BlackBerry development like how to use Javaloader.  You will also see BES specific videos and learn about the various API functions.  It really caters to not just the consumer but also the business user and developer.

It is nice to see RIM embracing YouTube and it should help expand the BlackBerry brand.  Next step for them is to make YouTube videos easier to watch while on the Berry, or is that just wishful thinking?

You can visit the BlackBerry YouTube channel by going to


  1. john gary says:

    Is the NHL going to update its NHL GAME CENTER app?

  2. Zaney says:

    Why did it take RIM so long to create this channel?

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