On location with BlackBerry Bold on Tour

This is the first weekend of RIM’s BlackBerry Bold on Tour, so I stopped by New York’s South Street Seaport to sample the Boldacious action.

The concept of BlackBerry Bold on Tour is to give the public hands-on time with the Verizon 9650. There are demo units to play with, along with displays from Skype, Slacker, VCast and the BlackBerry App World.

There are phone giveaways and one lucky winner will also walk away with a holiday. All you need to enter for the holiday competition is to record a short video in the booth inside the BlackBerry Bold on Tour tent and it will be voted upon by the public on the event’s microsite to find a winner.

There is of course a certain irony in the name BlackBerry Bold on Tour, since the model being showcased (the 9650) is essentially version 2 of the Tour which is actually branded Bold. I think that’s a clever marketing strategy by RIM and Verizon and helps people to make the transition from the Bold brand to the Tour brand. Ever since the arrival of the Bold 9700 there has not been that much difference between the two brands so it makes sense to consolidate into just one name to help consumers.

I did ask one of the reps about the upcoming 9800 and he did mention that he has enjoyed some quality time with the eagerly anticipated device. However there is nothing further to report regarding a release date.

There are also some free goodies on offer, like bags, pouches and screen cleaners. So even if your idea of a Berry is a strawberry, it’s still worth checking out to score a bag to put all that fruit. Who knows you might even discover that the best berry of all is the BlackBerry!

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Neil Berman is a self-confessed gadget freak with a silicon soft-spot for mobile tech. Neil is the founder of theONbutton computer, gadget and technology help company in Durham NC. Neil has twelve years of IT career experience in the Financial Services industry in London and New York. Neil is a multi-platform supporter and believes that BerryOS, iPhone, Android, WinMo, WebOS, Symbian and others all have a role to play in our mobile world. If they made cyborg implants for a direct mobile Internet feed into the brain, Neil would have one.