OS Update Leaked for the BlackBerry Tour

tour191-screencap1-500x375It’s only fitting we end “leak week” with another OS leak for the BlackBerry Tour.  This one was picked up by the boys at BlackBerryOS and it’s OS version  With rumors of an official Tour OS update on the horizon is it worth the risk?  Well that depends on you but I will tell you this, seeing the early screen caps and features of OS 5.0 I can tell you it looks real impressive.

Several well known apps will not be compatible with this new OS version.  It is important that you uninstall these apps before downloading the new OS.  As with any leaked OS you should only update if you are comfortable with the process.

Warning:  This is not an official OS please use caution when downloading leaked files.

Download Leaked OS Version for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Alternate Download Link (mirror)


  1. Ry says:

    Hot! I can’t resist I have to give it a go

    • SargeDog says:

      How’d the install of 2.0 go? I’m thinking about installing it on my Tour. Please post your comments. Were you having any trackball issues before and if so, did the upgrade happen to fix that? Thanks

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