OS Update Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm

storm_leakBig news for all you Storm 9530 users out there.  OS update has just been leaked and if you want to give it a try make sure you read below.

This is more of a hybrid type of OS because it contains some files from .191, which was leaked not too long ago.  Now if want to enjoy all the features of this latest OS like video cameras and more than you’ll have to install this a different way.  RIM has taken a stance against these OS leaks and has removed the .EXE file from this one.  This means you will need to follow the link below to find out how to install this latest leak.

Warning:  This is not an official OS please use caution when downloading leaked files.

Instructions on how to install OS Update

Download OS Update for the BlackBerry Storm (Without Docs to Go)

OS Update for the BlackBerry Storm (With Docs to Go)

[via BBOS]


  1. r00n says:

    With the desktop manager. look for more info on http://www.blackberry.com/btsc

  2. anirudh says:

    Just tell me, how to get it on 9500

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