OS Updates: Official Nextel 8350i OS and Official 8900


Here are a few new updates, one which is very important to many Sprint/Nextel users.  We have an official Nextel 8350i OS update which is suppose to fix these issues:

  • Echo Issue
  • MMS Improvements: Remove original message when replying; Cursor now defaults to message body when replying
  • Quiet and vibrate profiles will now not have incoming Direct Connect calls blaring over your speakerphone
  • Master Radio Reset will no longer cause the device to reboot

The other OS update we have is for the Curve 8900.  This is an official update from Indosat and is OS

Here are the links to download the OS’s:

Official Nextel BlackBerry 8350i OS

Official Indosat BlackBerry Curve 8900

Install at your own risk! To delete the vendor.xml file for use on any carrier download and install it, then go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\ Apploader then it will be at the bottom, delete it.

via Berry Review and CrackBerry

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