BlackBerry Celebrates Their 35th Birthday Today!

  Today is a big day in the world of BlackBerry. On this day back in 1984, BlackBerry, then Research in Motion, was founded in Waterloo Canada by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. Back in 1984, Research in Motion had one simple mission, to change how the world communicated.  RIM became the first... Read more →

Get $70 Off the 64GB Version of the BlackBerry KEY2

  If you have been on the fence about purchasing the BlackBerry KEY 2, well this might help change your mind.  There are a few sales going on for the 64GB version of the BlackBerry KEY2. Currently, the BlackBerry KEY2 Black edition is selling for $546.15 on Amazon. If you are looking for the Silver... Read more →

BlackBerry Mobile Announces the BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition

  Back when the BlackBerry KEY2 LE was announced, one of the biggest things to stand out was the red version of the device. Many folks really loved the look of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE in red. Unfortunately, some who really liked the red color, also really liked the BlackBerry KEY2 more than the... Read more →

BlackBerry Completes Acquisition of Cylance

  BlackBerry today has completed its acquisition of Cylance. With the acquisition of Clyance, BlackBerry is now a billion-dollar cybersecurity firm that has a technology portfolio that enterprises need to intelligently connect, protect, and help build secure endpoints. “Today BlackBerry took... Read more →

Punkt Releases their First MP02 Software update

  If you are a Punkt MP02 user you will be happy to know that you can now download your first software update for the device.  This update should help get rid of some of the bugs that users have been reporting since the device launch.  One good thing about the update is that Punkt outlines the... Read more →

John Chen Talks BlackBerry’s Big Pivot with RBC Distruptors

  BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with John Stackhouse over at RBC Disruptors for a discussion about BlackBerry’s big pivot. John talks about BlackBerry’s big pivot to software, security, and privacy. It seemed to be a really relaxed interview for John Chen than those in the past. The... Read more →
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